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Discover security without compromise with Pyxsoft's pricing plans.
Tailored to fit every budget, our transparent options ensure top-tier protection for your digital assets.
Choose the perfect plan and elevate your online security effortlessly.

Single License

$11 /month

License usable on 1 server
Unlimited users
Unlimited websites


10 License Pack

$100 /month

License usable on 10 Servers
Unlimited users
Unlimited websites


25 License Pack

$240 /month

License usable on 25 Servers
Unlimited users
Unlimited websites


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Mike Roberts

Hosting Solutions Manager

Pyxsoft is a hosting game-changer! The malware scanner and WAF combo ensures rock-solid security.
It's not just about protection; Pyxsoft adds a speed boost that clients love. A must-have for any hosting environment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary. Installing Pyxsoft on your server gives you a 7 day trial. After this time you must purchase a license if you wish to continue using it.

This is not possible at this time. However, if you need the protection and acceleration that Pyxsoft gives to your website, we recommend using PowerWAF for the domain you need to protect.

So far there is nothing similar to Pyxsoft!

But if you want to use it with other malware scanners, we understand that it is possible to do so.

Yes, to install Pyxsoft you must have root access to the server.

If you do not have root access, we recommend using PowerWAF, a variant of Pyxsoft especially for domains without root access.