Protect your servers against all types of cyber-attacks

Fast and easy deployment cyberdefense for Linux Servers.

For cPanel and Plesk servers

Get protected against:

Malware Scanner

Upload Inspections

Brute Force Protection

SQL Injections

and more

More than 100.000 cyberattacks blocked daily

and the number keeps increasing

Our Customers Say

I honestly sleep better at night knowing that I have Pyxsoft installed on my server. I hear people complaining about WordPress security issues, but I feel good knowing that Pyxsoft is the first line of defense for my hosting clients. The value and effectiveness of this product is unparalleled.

Liz Lee

Owner, Liz Lee Media

We’ve been using Pyxsoft for the last year to help protect our servers from malware and other malicious files. It’s certainly been a life-safer greatly reducing the number of compromised sites on our network with nightly scans and removal. We’re very pleased with the entire Pyxsoft team!

Ryan Gray


It is the best! I really like the way it works and the way in which it evolved.

Jeff Hayes

CEO, AlignTech Solutions


  • Graphically integrated in cPanel/WHM®
  • Realtime HTTP upload inspector
  • Realtime FTP upload inspector
  • HTTP Firewall
  • More than 4.000.000 of virus definition
  • Mod Security additional rules
  • Heuristic & Polimorphic Recognitions
  • Advance code analysis
  • WordPress & Joomla Brute Force Protection
  • Phishing blocks
  • Automatic scans
  • Automatic new file scans

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