Software Requirements

  • Linux Web Server


Here you can find the compatibility table.

We will be adding new OS & Control Panel combinations. Visit this page regularly:

Environment Compatibility
CentOS, CLoudlinux or AmazonLinux 6/7 (32/64bits) + cPanel OK
CentOS 6/7 (32/64bits) + Virtualmin In progress
CentOS 6/7 (32/64bits) + Plesk Pending

Note: Pyxsoft HTTP Inspector will work only with Apache Web Server, however, systems with no complete mod_security support like nginx or Litespeed  will also benefit because they will have tools like the instant scanner.

License Requirements

You don’t need to buy a license right now. Pyxsoft will work in trial mode up to 7 days.

Installing Pyxsoft Anti Hackers & Antimalware on cPanel

Please follow the instructions at:

Upgrading from Pyxsoft v1.x

Pyxsoft 2.0 is completely different form pyxsoft 1.x. Many system comopnents are not needed any more.

The upgrader script will perform the next actions:

  1. Completely remove Pyxsoft 1.x
  2. Remove ClamAV from the system (the RPM version). Our own scanner is used now, pxscand. The new scanner works better and finds more malware than ClamAV. Also, you can control how many CPU Cores it will use and how much CPU will be used. It allows to fine tune the system in order to avoid overloads in machines with few CPU cores.
  3. Install the new Pyxsoft v2 and the pxscand engine with its malware definitions
  4. Install the Pyxsoft modsecurity rules in the WHM  standarized way as a modsecurity vendor.
  5. Install the instant scan system. (in openVZ/Virtuozzo systems, the instant scan is not started automatically, as you need to check how many inotify inspectors can be used in the session)
  6. Start the pyxsoft & pxscand services.

To upgrade to pyxsoft v2:

# wget
# sh upgradev2

If you have any question prior to upgrade or any trouble upgrading Pyxsoft, please open a support ticket.