Learn the most common methods to hack a server.
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Type of attack



Bruteforce attacks

Is the method to find out a password by testing all possible combinations until you find the correct one.

The main risk is access to your data and privateĀ information. Also, the brute force attacks slow down your server consuming its resources.

SQL Injection

It is an attack against a web site or application in which structured query language (SQL) code is added to an input field of a web form.

In the least case, it will damage the view of a web page, and the system may have access to the entire database.

Malicious file upload

Malicious code is a type of computer code or harmful web script designed to create vulnerabilities in the system.

It is designed to create tunnels to access the files and settings of your computer.

Malware Distribution

There are two great kinds of contagion. In the first, the user, at any given time, executes or inadvertently accepts the virus installation. In the second, the malicious program acts by replicating through networks (Worms, Trojans and Phishing).

The risks are varied since it ranges from slowingdown the computer, deleting files to accessingyour private information.

Web Shell Identification

It is a script or program that was developed in some web language. The main function is to execute commands on the server where it is hosted.

They are used to steal information or even to host malicious code of another nature that are then used in various propagation campaigns.

Zero Day Attack

This is a vulnerability for which no patches orsome revision have been created.

Given its unknown nature this type of attackmay or may not represent a risk of greaterproportions.

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