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Pyxsoft is a complete security system for web servers. It includes anti malware services, WAF and content accelerator through caching.

It has been carefully designed to reduce CPU consumption and server load while improving performance and speed of web content delivery.


When installing Pyxsoft, the following components will be installed:

  • Pyxsoft UI: Corresponds to the Pyxsoft user interface. Runs as a service called pyxsoft
  • PxShield: Corresponds to the WAF and website accelerator. It runs as a service called pxshield
  • PxScan: This is the service responsible for scanning files for malware. The service is called pxscand

Each of these services can be administered with the linux systemctl command using the following commands:

# Inicia un servicio
systemctl start service-name

# Detiene un servicio
systemctl stop service-name

# Reinicia un servicio
systemctl restart service-name