We remove all malware from your website

100% Guaranteed

Is your website currently hacked? Are you often vicitm of hackers?

We are experts removing  malware from websites. We clean websites in 2 hours and remove the domains from the Google blacklist.

Also, we ensure that your site will not be hacked again.

Clean my website US$ 200

How does the service work?

  1. You order clicking at “Buy now” button
  2. Complete the form with a brief description of the problem.
  3. You pay the service using Paypal, 2CheckOut or credit card.
  4. We begin our work.
  5. In 1-3 hours your website will be clean and working again.

If we can’t solve the problem, you will be refunded. You have nothing to lose.

Cleaning process

  • Clean the site
  • Investigate how the attackers gained entry
  • Remove malware, trojan and backdoors
  • Provide an in-depth report of the infection removal and investigation
  • Delist your site from Google’s blacklist, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the service start?

We start after your payment is recieved. Please consider that our working hours are Monday through Sunday, 8am to 21pm GMT-3.

You can ensure that we are in business hours using our website live chat.

If you live at “the other side of the world” we will fix your site starting our day.

How long does it take?

Usually it takes 1-3 hours to restore and cleand your website completelly.

What information do you need?

In the form we will ask you the next information:

  • Description of the problem
  • URL of your website
  • FTP credentials
  • SSH credentials, if possible.

How may sites are included?

The service is for one website, accesible in one domain.

What if you cannot clean it?

We are experts in malware, trojans, backdoors, brute force, SQL injection and much more.

But, if we cannot clean your site we will refund your payment.

Website Repairing Service & Malware Removal

US$ 200

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