Integration with WHM

Pyxsoft Anti Malware integrates with WHM smoothly.
Once installed your server becomes full protected.

Maximum detection rate

More than 4.000.000 of known virus and an Advanced Code Analysis Engine allows Pyxsoft Anti Malware to have the maximum detection rate in the market.

Mod Security Rules

Includes a set of Mod Security rules. Every time a new vulnerability is discovered, we add new rules to protect your system.


Pyxsoft Anti Malware for cPanel protects your server against attacker scripts. Common attacker scripts are: c99shell, r57shell, ANIShell, and hundreds more.

When an attacker uploads one of these scripts, he can take control of your server or damage or steal your customer’s data.

Pyxsoft Anti Malware protects the six server’s entrance doors:

  • Web Forms

  • FTP Uploads

  • Brute Force Attacks

  • SQL Injection

  • Installed malware detection

  • Brute Force Attacks


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